Mark Weinstein voted 2011 Latin Jazz Flautist Of The Year by the readers of the Latin Jazz Corner

“It’s hard to walk into a style with a clearly defined lineage of great instrumentalists and then try to bring your own voice to the forefront. While the flute has plenty of space for creative interpretation in the jazz world, the role of the instrument has been spelled out through years of history in the Cuban charanga orchestra. When Mark Weinstein brought together the Cuban charanga with jazz improvisation, he faced the responsibility of respecting the instrument’s long history in the music while asserting his personality. Weinstein certainly isn’t a newcomer to blending jazz ideals with thick Cuban traditions – his ground breaking album Cuban Roots brought jazz into the world of Santeria rhythms. Armed with gorgeously intricate arrangements from pianist Aruán Ortiz, Weinstein delivered a memorable performance that brought the best of the two musics together in a highly artistic blend.”
Chip Boaz