Improvised flute ensemble

The track below is the title track from my Album Straight No Chaser. It may be interesting for a number of reasons. First it is a blues played on bass flute. But what I am really interested in sharing is the imrpvised ensemble passage behind the last 3 choruses of the guitar soloist.

What I did was improvise a response to the solo and then improvised 2 more bass flutes and finally added alto flutes in cl0se harmony. It is improvised equivalent of a big band shout chorus. The guitar solo is by Dave Stryker.

Let me know what you think

09 Straight, No Chaser

2 Comments on “Improvised flute ensemble

  1. Wow Mark! Thank you for the bass flute sound. So hard to find any. My first was hearing Herbie Mann with Bill Evans playing the bass flute on Eric Satie’s piece. After that, there just wasn’t that much out there. I’ll be checking out more of your stuff for sure. Some how some way I’ve got to get my hands on a bass flute. I recently started practicing again and its great hearing your free and expressive style as that’s always been what I’ve been after myself. Looking forward to more. Thanks

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