Witnessing the creation of new music as it happens is one of the best experiences one can have whether you’re a musician or a spectator/listener. On TALES FROM THE EARTH, multi-instrumentalists Mark Weinstein and Omar Sosa got together with some of their most revered collaborators to create a wonderful collection of 14 songs that will move you, make you happy and refresh your spirit. Opening with “Sunrise,” the song is an appropriate homage to the beauty of daylight breaking across the horizon and awakening the inhabitants of Earth. Following by the prayerful “Invocation,” which instills a feeling of gratitude to the Creator, the marimba, played here by Omar Sosa, and the flute, played by Mark Weinstein, share a dance of peace and spirituality that will refresh your spirit. The music of Africa is as rich as the inner souls that inhabit her and here, the African sounds interact with dialogue and evolve into unique musical conversations among balafon virtuoso Aly Keita, guitarist Jean Paul Bourelly, Stanislou Michalak on bass, drummer Marque Gilmore, vocalist/percussionist Aho Luc Nicaise and Mathias Agbokou. The stories told on TALES OF THE EARTH are astounding and immediately conjure up the beauty, exoticism, wilderness and peace the great Mother Continent has to offer her children. Peace and love. Buy TALES FROM THE EARTH right now! Simply click on the CD cover image.

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