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  1. Wow! Love this take on this standard. First heard your tune Grisel just a few weeks ago on Capitol Public Radio out of Sacramento, CA. I played flute and piccolo through high school and then tenor sax in college (marching band and symphonic band). I don’t play either very well, but I try to play sax at college reunions, etc.

    When I was a kid, I only knew about flute and piccolo, but I figured that if you could have a range of clarinets, saxophones, double reed instruments, stringed instruments, etc., then alto and bass flutes should also exist. However, I never got to see one, much less play one. Then I heard “Grisel” on the radio…at first I wasn’t sure what the instrument was, but by the end of the song, I figured that it must have been a bass flute I was hearing. How cool! I enjoy hearing instruments applied in new and unexpected ways. Looking forward to learning more about your music and checking out your albums.

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