O Nosso Amor

Mark Weinstein

(Jazzheads, Inc., 2006)

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  1. Bahia
  2. Lugar Conum
  3. Sampa 67
  4. Falando de Amor
  5. Frevo Camarada
  6. O Nosso Amor
  7. Batucada
  8. Naquele Tempo
  9. Marka Som
  10. Um a Zero
  11. Por Causa de Voce
  12. Capoeira

Mark Weinstein - soprano, alto and bass flutes
Romero Lubambo - classical guitar
Nilson Matta - acoustic bass
Paulo Braga - drums
Guilherme Franco - percission
Jorge Silva - percussion

Flautist Mark Weinstein is joined by some of Brazil's best musicians for <em>O Nosso Amor</em>, an exploration that draws heavily from the music of the greatest Brazilian composers. Accompanied by guitarist Romero Lubambo and bassist Nilson Matta (two-thirds of Trio da Paz), plus percussionists Paulinho Braga, Guilherme Franco and Jorge Silva, Weinstein is clearly a master of Brazilian jazz, alternating between soprano, alto and bass flutes to fit the mood of each piece. Highlights include Weinstein's cheerful bossa nova "Marka Som," the engaging "Lugar Comum" (featuring Matta extensively), Lubabmbo's exciting "Frevo Camarada" (which suggests the frenetic dancing in the streets), and the lyrical "Por Causa de Voce." Highly recommended.
<em>--Ken Dryden, </em>All Music Guide